Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Christmas Gifts With George At ASDA

Christmas Gifts With George At ASDA | GeorgeSecretSanta

Recently I was involved in a very exciting and festive campaign called #GeorgeSecretSanta, which involved a fair amount of stalking, and my favourite activity of all - picking out gifts for someone. I'm pretty sure it is one of the best things about Christmas, there is just something about seeing others happy, and you just can't beat it. I was actually very fortunately with the secret Santa that I was paired with, as I think they got my gifts just right!

Christmas Gifts With George At ASDA | GeorgeSecretSanta

Copper. A copper trinket box. *heavy breathing* I think it's safe to say I've definitely fallen for this trend, so when I opened this gift I was very happy and immediately started planning what I was going to store in it. Unfortunately there was a little bit of glare on this photo, but engraved on the lid it reads, "bits & pieces, this & that, odds & ends" - so it's perfect for storing those odd bits and bobs you need to keep safe.

I cannot even begin to explain how much I was thankful for the following gifts. Shortly after receiving the parcel in the post, our boiler broke, and out in the countryside without any heating it gets quite chilly to say the least. This water bottle, blanket, and fluffy socks honestly kept me sane (plus very warm and cosy) during this time, so thankyou who ever picked these out for me!

Christmas Gifts With George At ASDA | GeorgeSecretSanta

Christmas Gifts With George At ASDA | GeorgeSecretSanta

You cannot go wrong with personalised gifts - well you know, unless you get their name wrong! That would be... sufficiently awkward. Thankfully my secret Santa got it spot on, and gave me a candle and a mug with my initial on, also meaning my family members cannot nab them of me!

Christmas Gifts With George At ASDA | GeorgeSecretSanta

Another perfect fluke is that I was actually after a brown bag just like this! I currently own one already, however it's about half the size and completely impractical. This bag though has more than enough space, with various compartments to store everything I could need!

Christmas Gifts With George At ASDA | GeorgeSecretSanta

All in all I'm really chuffed with everything my secret Santa picked out for me. At first I was a little gutted that there weren't any beauty products included, but in all honestly, it's not like I need any more. These gifts were obviously well thought out, and served a great purpose. I have no idea who picked these out for me, but thankyou again. I'm really impressed with the Christmas range that George has this year, and they even have a Christmas gift guide section to help you along!

This was my first experience of a proper secret Santa, courtesy of George, and I definitely plan on joining in or even hosting one in the future! Have you ever done one before, and did it all go to plan?


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