Thursday, 30 January 2014

Valentine's Day Gift Guide #2 - Lush

It's hard to go wrong with Lush gifts for that special someone, or even if you just want to give a little present to a close friend (or even treat yourself!). I haven't yet found someone that doesn't like Lush. So I popped into the store yesterday to take a peek at the Valentine's Day range, and was blown away by the displays, just take a look as the images speak for themselves;

Lush Soap Heart Neon

The neon love heart soap is the main centrepiece in the store, and it definitely deserves it. A huge pink soap heart (uncut) takes up most of the tables, with smaller blocks that you can buy lay in front and around it. Each soap piece has the heart pattern inside which look gorgeous. If Lush is on your list of Valentine's Day gifts to buy, make this a priority!

I've heard lots of great reviews about the prince charming shower gel, "Prince Charming will sweep you off your feet and carry you off into the sunset, leaving your skin silky soft and smelling lovely – the fragrance is made using a beautiful blend of grapefruit, sandalwood and geranium oils." I'm still hoping it will turn me into a princess overnight.

I am completely lusting after the love heart locket, it's huge and looks amazing, wouldn't you agree? My boyfriend is probably sick of how much I go on about wanting it, now if only I actually had a bath here at university!

It is supposed to look a little something like this once unleashed in the bath water, just look how gorgeous it is!

Last but by no means least, the close to you massage bar, with hearts carved into it with an interesting white middle (inspired by the Jammie Dodger biscuit).

There are a few more little treats from Lush's Valentine's Day range such as knots wraps (here and here), 'tender is the night massage' bar, and 'the kiss' lip gloss. Even if you struggle to find something from this range, there are other gifts that already exist in the store that may suit, such as;

'The comforter' bubble bar, designed with pretty swirls, bound to make a girl swoon. "A bathtime blend of fruity essential oils to wrap you up in a big comforting hug."

Who says you can't be a little cheeky with Valentine's Day gifts? "Sex Bomb is a sensual bath ballistic to improve your mood - or put you in the right one." *wink wink*


I know this has been a long post so kudos to you if you are reading this now; however there is just one last thing I'd like to mention. You may have seen it on the window of the store upon entering, and that is the pink triangle. What is it you ask?

"In June of 2013, Russian president Vladimir Putin signed a bill that banned ‘propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations to minors'. This means that in Russia, if you belong to the LGBTQ community, it is illegal to 'propagate' your sexual orientation as it is deemed a violation of Russian law and 'traditional' sexual relations. There is no legal definition of the term ‘propaganda’ and the ambiguity associated with the term only serves to increase cultural anxieties so that many people who agree with Putin’s ban have taken the law into their own hands, subjecting LGBTQ communities to violence and crime.

This law is archaic, unjust and only serves to reinforce prejudices against gay people, creating a culture of hostility against LGBTQ communities in Russia. It is a violation of basic human rights and people found to be 'propagating' homosexuality are subjected to fines, imprisonment and possible deportation.
This February, the Olympic Games are to be hosted in Sochi; athletes, supporters and many more people from around the world will be travelling to Russia for this major event. Many of the athletes scheduled to compete are homosexual, and there is much concern about the anti-gay laws in Russia, as well as calls for the UK to boycott the Winter Olympics. The UK government, however, has decided that we will attend.
We believe in love for everyone, between everyone. As part of our Sign of Love campaign, Lush are creating photo petition books which we will send to Russian embassies worldwide on the 14th February – the international day of love. Show your solidarity by uploading a photo of yourself painted with a pink triangle, using pink lipstick, then share your #SignofLove via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram." - Lush

I believe in love for everyone, between everyone. Help support LBGTQ groups in Russia.



Monday, 27 January 2014

Indulge Yourself

In winter the cold really gets to you, so around the Christmas holidays I would nip across to Costa on my work break to grab a hot drink - which luckily was just across the road. It has to be said that my favorite hot chocolate is that from Costa, and despite the price, I did find myself going a lot. So what could be better than a cup of lovely hot chocolate you ask? Well, on one trip I found myself with a bag of maltesers, and thought I'd pop a few into my drink just to see if they would sink of float (being silly with my boyfriend).

costa hot chocolate maltesers glass cup
*photo courtesy of Josh*
Apparently we're experts with coming up with something new! It was delicious how the chocolate around the malteser had melted by the hot drink, and it tasted simply divine. It made the hot chocolate just that much better, and I can't wait to go back with a pack of maltesers in tow.

So go ahead, try this out and indulge yourself.


Sunday, 26 January 2014

Valentine's Day Gift Guide #1 - Vinyl Clocks

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, so I've created a little gift guide series in case you're stuck for ideas this year. Personally I'm a fan of anything that's quirky or to do with chocolate, so I'm quite easy to please!

I was offered the chance to review what I think is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. I was very excited to find a surprise big pink parcel being handed to me by my postman. I am always over excited when I get mail, but with it being so near to Valentine’s Day, could this be from a secret admirer?

Monday, 20 January 2014

Review: Cocoa Brown Fake Tan Mousse

If you've seen pictures of me in my previous posts, or know me in person, then you already know just how pale I am. I guess that's due to the little bit of Irish in me. So when it comes to fake tan I've always been afraid to try it in case I came out looking like a cheesy wotsit. However after looking around, I came into contact with Cocoa Brown. Like I said, I've never tried using fake tan before, however I was going to step out of my comfort zone this time. I received a bottle of Cocoa Brown's 1 Hour Tan Mousse*, that arrived in a bright pink shiny bag. A mitt was also included - pink too!

cocoa brown fake tan bottle

I only left the mousse on for about an hour - still in the mind-set that this could go terribly wrong. In my head I thought I was going to come out looking like Ross from 'Friends' - please tell me you've seen that episode?!

I also just applied it on my legs just in case I somehow managed to do it wrong. I've now had the tan on for a couple of days and I'm really impressed! I now have a lovely glowing colour on my legs. Let me just tell you now, the mousse looks and smells good enough to eat. There was no horrible fake tan smell, and it was so easy to apply. Really quick, easy and not at all messy!

cocoa brown fake tan bottle

The mitt made the application even and fast, with its foamy texture it sinks straight into the skin allowing more layers to applied easily. The tan continues to develop until you wash it off (this can be up to 3 hours!), which is fantastic as it means it doesn't fade quickly. Nothing comes off on my bedding at night while I'm sleeping which is obviously a good thing!

cocoa brown fake tan legs
Before: My normal pale legs

cocoa brown fake tan legs
During: With Cocoa Brown mousse on

cocoa brown fake tan legs
After: My new glowing legs!
Admittedly after seeing the fantastic results on my legs, I then continued to apply some to my arms and chest - which also came out perfectly. I'd be really happy to use this again, and that's something coming from a girl who isn't a fan of fake tan. Cocoa Brown fake tan is available at Feel Unique for £7.99, and I really recommend you give it a go!

Have you tried Cocoa Brown before?

Frankie x

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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Review: ELF Lip Balm Tint Peach

ELF lip balm tint peach pot

This was a product from a haul of ELF goodies I bought a few weeks ago, so the rest of the reviews will be up shortly. I'm not going to lie, I was left really disappointed with the lip balm. I got the shade Peach and it’s not very pigmented at all. When I swatch it on my hand I can see the color, but when I put it on my lips it doesn't really show. This is a shame as when viewed in the pot (below), the colour is really striking!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Review: L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara

After a work shift, I couldn't resist going to Boots to treat myself, and I stumbled across 'Miss Manga' mascara.  Here's what L'Oreal say about the new mascara - "Create the manga look! Mascara with mega volume for both upper and lower lashes. For you who wants extra volume with an easy application. Mega volume x15 for upper and lower lashes. Flexible brush gives your upper and lower lashes mega volume. The tapered shape creates 360 degrees of volume and makes it easy to apply mascara to upper and lower lashes."

Ignore the pink stained nails! Blame the hair dye.
I love the packaging, probably the girliest mascara I've owned but still keeping it simple. After trying it out a couple of time I came to the conclusion it doesn't do exactly what it says on the tin. It gives volume and opens up your eye, but not "x15 volume". The brush itself is not bad though, thicker at one end meaning your outer lashes have more volume than the inner ones - the 'manga' effect. I did think I was going to poke myself in the eye if I wasn't steady with my hand!

Friday, 10 January 2014

GIVEAWAY - Real Techniques Core Collection Kit

This is my first of many Giveaways for 2014 on Curiouser and Curiouser, and this is definitely one for makeup lovers. In celebration of the New Year, and reaching over 100 likes on my Facebook Page, and achieving over 8,000 views on my blog, I will be giving away a special prize to a fellow blogger!

 That's right! I have one Real Techniques Core Collection Kit up for grabs!


Thursday, 9 January 2014

Review: Maybelline Baby Lips Hydrate

baby lips maybelline hydrate

Baby Lips has been out for a while now, though I never seemed to get round to purchasing one. It was only a couple of days ago that I went into Boots and purchased Hydrate. It is one of six different formulas that have been released, these are; Intense Care (yellow), Mint Fresh (green), Hydrate (blue), Cherry Me (orange), Pink Punch (pink) and Peach Kiss (lilac). I chose this one as it's been getting colder and I keep finding myself getting dehydrated, so thought this would be the best one to try out. The packaging is really bold and eye catching. All the products are very bright and summery, so stand out when you go into the store.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Eat Me: Pizza Hut

This is possibly the first of a series called "Eat Me" (sound familiar?!), where I will be giving my reviews of restaurants and general dining out places.

On this occasion I visited Pizza Hut on Monday with my boyfriend after my work shift, and also recruited one of my flatmates. On arrival we were greeted almost immediately and shown to a seating area - one that was out of the way as personally I dislike sitting in the middle. It feels like you're in the spotlight, and others are free to stare at you if you get what I mean? Anyway once shown to our seating, we presented our two Paddy's Presents envelopes, and we were shocked beyond belief when we were told we had won a free dessert and a Samsung camera! We were all quite pleased with ourselves as you can imagine, and so ordered the "happy hour" offer, and I also ordered baked cheesy triangles as an extra side. The waitress was really friendly and bubbly - about my own age I would say (20ish), and we all had a quick natter about things we had in common.

My Top 5 Beauty Products For Under £5

My top picks for under a fiver!
Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Eyeliner - £2.49
Fine nibbed, long lasting and very black, you can't go wrong with this eyeliner that's under a fiver. After struggling with liquid eyeliner this is the best alternative, and is so easy to apply - just like a felt tip! After wearing this frequently in front of friends, they were even swayed by it's staying power and how good it looks, and they went out and purchased it too. I currently own four of these at present for some reason. These are available in different shades; black, blue, teal and purple.

These eyeshadows are long lasting, and non creasing and with ten shades to pick from in the range, so you can be sure to find the perfect colour. Eternal Gold looks amazing in the inner corner of the eye to add an extra flash of colour, and lightens up your eyes making them look bigger. Hopefully I will be buying the shades Pink Gold and Immortal Charcoal next.

Currently not being sold online at Boots/Superdrug however I'm sure it will still be sold in store. This glitter polish is perfect on it's own for a beautiful feminine look, or applied on top of another polish to make it shimmer. It's so girly, and at a great price, and I find it doesn't chip easily and lasts for ages hence why it looks like lots is left in the pot. A great buy!

I've been using this powder for a long time now, after trying and testing out so many powders that more often that not made me go orange. However this pressed powder is by far the best I've ever owned. As you can see from the print that has rubbed off slightly, it is a well loved product that I keep buying time and time again. It is also great for people with oily skin and definitely gives a long lasting "matte" finish, available in six shades, transparent, peach glow, warm beige, pink blossom, sandstorm and silky beige.
I have been using this product for years, and usually have two on the go at any given time. I have tried a few other scents from the range, however strawberry is by far my favourite. It smells delicious and I have to stop myself from eating it sometimes, I swear. Reviewed here, this is my go-to lip balm, and is definitely worth the £2, I currently have three on the go!

What's your favourite beauty product for under a fiver?

Frankie x

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Sunday, 5 January 2014

How To: Fix Creasing Eyeshadow

There are many moments where beauty can be frustrating, such as applying your eye makeup perfectly, only to have it crease minutes later. Here are a few tips to prevent this beauty tragedy from happening.

Apply the proper eyeshadow base on the eyelid before your shadow application. You will want to use a base that prevents the oil product on your eyelid from interfering with the shadow, and stopping it from sliding around. Some bases are specifically designed so it doesn't allow oil to seep through them, preventing creasing. If you're unsure what eyeshadow base to use, check out Benefit Stay Don't Stray Primer.

Use the right tools
For the crease, try a small, flat and firm brush to create an "expert" application and finish to a cut create look. For blending, I would recommend a small tapered brush such as NARS Small Dome Eye Brush.

Apply like a pro
Start with a medium toned eyeshadow and apply it on the eyelid from the lash line to the crease, and along the lower lash line. Then create a sharp crease using a precision brush and the darkest shade. Follow the shape of your natural crease making a single line of colour ending just before your upper lash line.

Now blend the line upward towards your eyebrow, blending and diffusing but maintaining the weight of the line in the crease. Then highlight just under the brow bone using the lightest shade, and line both the upper and lower lash line with the dark crease shadow. Finish the look with a few generous coats of mascara.

If you are in need of a quick-fix now, take a clean finger and smooth out the creased shadow. However be aware that it will crease again so just be aware of it, and smooth it out from time to time when you need to. This can also be done without a mirror, just close your eye and smooth it over. You could even pull out a brush and shadow and apply more, although this will also crease later so don't rely on this, as the finger trick works just fine.

Have you ever had problems with creasing eyeshadow?

Frankie x

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Friday, 3 January 2014

How To: Organise Your Makeup Bag

Contents of my makeup bag

We all do it, it's normal to have overflowing drawers and bins full of lipsticks, blushes, brushes and impulse purchases. However organisation is key to have a perfect makeup bag for everyday life. Here are a few tips to get you started.

To keep or not to keep?
If you have to question yourself if you should hang on to a product, chances are it's time to get rid of it. Get rid of products you haven't used in quite some time to make room for fresh new ones that will most likely be a better investment.

Did that expire months ago?
It's always best to check the expiry dates of products, and if it smells weird, chuck it straight away. Keeping anything beyond its expiry date could cause problems such as infections, so using a "smell test" could help you detect if a product is starting to expire.

Choose your favourites.
Always keep a couple of products you know you use every day, such as lip balm, concealer, blush, mascara or lipstick. Keeping these products of your favourite shades in a bag which you can carry with you anywhere is the most effortless way to have your go-to kit all in one place.

I've tried to keep my makeup bag very basic as you see from the image at the top. I usually always have on me a mascara, foundation, concealerpowder, pencil eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow, pen eyeliner and a couple of brushes, (phew, what a list!). I normally have lip balm and lipstick too; however they've gained legs in the past few days and done a runner. My makeup bag is basic, because on most days I like to look more natural (she says with bright pink hair). And when I have to wake up early for University or work, who wants to spend ages with their makeup? Aka, I cannot be bothered to do so/do not have time.

What are your tips on choosing the right products for your makeup bag?

Frankie x
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Thursday, 2 January 2014

How To: Tightline Your Eyes

Is it just me or does anyone else sometimes struggle with applying false eyelashes? You have to find the right style for your eyes, cut it down to size, then fiddle around with glue and end up getting it just about everywhere except where you want it. If you struggle as I do, then here's your solution!

Tightline is similar to the lower waterline, except the eyeliner goes above your eye - on the upper eyelash waterline, as pictured here:

It's taken me a while to master eyeliner, starting a little at a time, and over the years gradually having the confidence to try full winged eyeliner etc. There are many tips and tricks to do this, but this was one of the best beauty related tip I've heard of, and you can use any gel, cream or pencil eyeliner you desire, (liquid eyeliner is generally too wet for this technique). It's like fake eyelashes, without the fake eyelashes.


As you can see, this technique makes the eyelashes look really dense and full in the after shot.

Do you use tightlining?

Frankie x

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