Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Nottingham Blogger Meet

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A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to grab myself a space to attend the Nottingham blogger meet, hosted by Leah and Gemma. It was held at a bar/restaurant called Sobar that sells delicious food and non-alcoholic drinks - clever name huh? Once we had all arrived, chatted and had full bellies, we made our way upstairs to the function room. There we received a great talk from Suzie from Xenca, and then we were let loose to try out all the products!

swatches of the eyeshadow duos

pamper kit

Once the talk had finished and our hands looked like mini rainbows, Suzie then kindly let us choose a full size eyeshadow/lipstick or lipgloss to take home which was so generous of her. The raffle then took place - sadly I didn't win anything, but I did get a goodie bag from the day which had so many amazing products inside!

House Of Wonderland // Lylia Rose

A huge thank-you to:

The Blogger Programme for donating the goodie bags
The Drama Llama who gave everyone a beautiful piece of fused glass
Nanshy for providing a blending brush sample
Skinetica for providing us with a toner makeup base
Speick who provided soap, shower gel and a sample of shampoo and hair conditioner
Oqibo who provided a pack of samples
Lylia Rose who provided everyone with a piece of jewellery
Sweet Cecily's who gave everyone a lipbalm kit
Handirest who provided everyone with their own pad
Crabtree & Evelyn for giving body lotion
Teapigs who gave everyone a teapig drink
Benefit for providing a Big Easy sample
HealGel for giving a sample face product to try
Resultime for providing Gel Collogene to sample
Femfresh for giving a pack of wipes
Pravera who provided samples of balance cream and colour correction from the brand Lavera, and organic cotton feminine hygiene from the brand Organyc
False Eyelashes for providing a set of Red Cherry eyelashes
Lulu & Boo for giving a sample of body milk
Urban Veda for providing exfoliating facial polish and facial wash
Harlequin Cosmetics for providing samples of soap and lip balm
Personal Planner for providing everyone with a gift card
Dr. Bronner for giving everyone a citrus soap
Metique for giving everyone samples of skin wash and antiseptics lotions
House Of Wonderland for providing everyone with their own personalised necklace - admittedly it's my favourite thing from the goodie bag!

and what would a blogger meet be without a group photo?!

Blogger meets really do bring like-minded people together, and compared to the last meet I attended in Nottingham (which seems like so long ago), I knew considerably more people this time which was lovely and I felt much less shy. Hopefully I'll get to meet all these charming bloggers again soon!



  1. Looks like you had a great time & I love the look of the eyeshadows. I've followed on bloglovin!


  2. Sounds like a fab meet up and wow the goodie bags looks amazing!


  3. This looks like so much fun! :)


  4. Sounds like an awesome meet up http://bamblingsofnaffy.blogspot.co.uk/ xxx

  5. Sounds like a really fab meet up and wow the goodie bags looks amazing x

  6. This looks so fun - connecting with other bloggers is the best thing about it for me!

  7. Fun to get together with other local blogger! I love the Sobar :)

  8. Looks like you had a great time xx

  9. This looks like fun! I've not heard of Xenca before but all those shadows you've swatched look pretty! I really like the sound of the make your own lipbalm kit, too :)

    Jess xo

  10. Such a fab meet up and what an amazing goody bag too! x

  11. sounds like such an amazing event! some lovely goodies too

  12. Awesome group photo - such pretty faces and urm just a little jealous of the personalized necklace.
    I'm dying to try out the Xenca pamper kit.



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