Sunday, 5 October 2014

Lush | Christmas Range

Lush Christmas Range 2014 Store Front

Yes, it's that time of year again where Lush graces us with oodles of treats for the whole family to enjoy. I went to my local store on the day the new Christmas range was brought out, and they definitely didn't disappoint!

Lush Christmas Range 2014 The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar
The Christmas Penguin bubble bar

Lush Christmas Range 2014 Drummers Drumming Reusable Bubble Bar Wand

Lush Christmas Range 2014 The Melting Snowman Bath Melt
The Melting Snowman bath melt

Lush Christmas Range 2014 Dashing Santa Bath Bomb
Dashing Santa bath bomb

Lush Christmas Range 2014 Holly Golightly Bubble Bar
Holly Golightly bubble bar

Lush Christmas Range 2014 Snow Angel Bath Melt
Snow Angel bath melt

Lush Christmas Range 2014 Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt
Star Light, Star Bright bath melt

Lush Christmas Range 2014 Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar

Lush Christmas Range 2014 Butterbear Bath Bomb
Butterbear bath bomb

Lush Christmas Range 2014 Snowman Shower Jelly

Lush Christmas Range 2014 Snow Fairy Limited Edition Shower Gel

Lush Christmas Range 2014 Snowcake Hand & Body Soap

Lush Christmas Range 2014 Reindeer Rock Hand & Body Soap

Lush Christmas Range 2014 Yog Nog Hand & Body Soap

I can honestly say I want to try all these products out, they look and smell just as fantastic! On this occasion however, I did pick up the Snow Fairy shower gel and the Snowman shower jelly to try. You can find the full Christmas range here, as not all the products have been displayed in this post (else it would have been one heck of a long blog post!).

Next on my wishlist is the Reindeer Rock, the design on the soap is so Christmassy and it smells berrylicious! What have you got your eye on this Christmas at Lush?



  1. Omigosh! This collection is so cuutee!!!! Especially the snowman! I haven't visited lush for quite a while now and I think I just found the reason why I should now. LOL

  2. These all look so cute. Great Post

  3. I'm so excited to buy some Christmas Lush goodies!
    - F -

  4. I love Christmas mainly because of Lush haha!
    Great post, I need to get myself down there pronto!

    Francesca xo |

  5. Wow! these all look fab :D I'm definitely going to get myself the penguin, the holly, the star and the snowman :D

  6. wow! Everything looks so good! Can't wait to try! :)

    Pink Frenzy

  7. I love the Christmas penguin, so cute!! I tried Star Light, Star Bright last year and it took literally months to get the stain off my bath :/

    Jess xo

  8. I would love to try any of that amazing products!! :)

  9. I neeed it all (well, I don't need any of it, but the cute product lover in me feels a very strong urge to go buy lots) x


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