Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Sprng Clips For Apple Earphones

I have a funky gadget to show to you today called Sprng clips! Sprng clips* are specifically designed to stop your earphones from falling out, and come in four different colours; light grey, blue, lime and pink. They're really easy to clip onto my earphones as all I needed to do was to snap them on, however you're also able to slide them on.

Sprng Apple Ear Pods Clip Set Phone

The harder plastic clip fits on to the base of your earphones, arching over the top and extending above to where the softer silicone part is. This soft rubber material is incredibly flexible and fits snugly under the ridge of your ear. I was worried about there being extra pressure on my ear since the piece is a little firmer than I expected, however no discomfort occurred even when I wore them for large amounts of time (AKA putting Katy Perry's 'Birthday' song on repeat as it's my Birthday on Saturday!). Even with my daith heart piercing, I can still comfortably fit the ear piece in as shown below.

Sprng Apple Ear Pods Clip Set

With more movement, I did find that they moved around but they did stay in place and didn't fall out. It’s a £8.99 accessory and solves a problem many of us have, although it doesn't increase the comfort of the standard Apple earphones (as they can start hurting after a while). It does exactly what it is supposed to do, even if the piece itself does look a little peculiar.

The Sprng clips are available in different colours at iLoveApple



  1. This is such a cool idea:) Mine are always falling out it's so annoying

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    love victoriajanex

    1. I loved the idea of these - so handy! :)

  2. I shall have to look for these just because cool gadget - I'm there! Lol. It still doesn't give Apple the right to make rubbish headsets for their products - grrrr :D
    Becky aka Gwenayfer

    1. I wish Apple would make their earphones comfier, I think it's the shiny surface that makes them fall out too!

  3. Such a great tip! I really need this, thank you! :D

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  4. Oh wow I've never seen these before! What a great idea - thanks for sharing!

    Angela xxx
    The Sunday Chapter

    1. No problem, glad you like them! :)


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