Monday, 3 March 2014

Review: Happi Feet Shoe Fresheners

I wouldn't say I have really smelly feet, but sometimes your favourite pair of shoes do need that little bit of extra TLC and attention. Usually these are my heels, because after a night out they do get a little sweaty from all the dancing. This is where Happi Feet* comes in handy! Happi Feet shoe fresheners have been lovingly designed with carefully selected, specially formulated fragrances to revive smelly shoes and smell fantastic.

The Happi Feet Shoe Freshener kits come in 4 fragrances, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Caribbean Beech Breeze, Madagascan Vanilla and Freshly Laundered. There are also several funky designs to choose from, which makes these shoe fresheners even more unique. The Happi Feet freshener that I received was the freshly laundered fragrance, in a blue trainer style. I was also given a scratch and sniff card so I could smell all of the wonderful fragrances available, and none disappoint.

Happi Feet Shoe Fresheners

You use the elastic to secure the shoe freshener under the sole or over the tongue of your shoe allowing Happi Feet to hover in place, which means the air can circulate helping to work its magic. I tried the freshly laundered, and I can confirm it does indeed smell clean and fresh.

Happi Feet Shoe Fresheners

The smell is quite strong, but far from overpowering. I have used these on all my most-worn shoes, which have all turned out smelling so much better. Happi Feet are different to shoe sprays or other similar products, as you only need to put it in once and it works straight away.

Happi Feet Shoe Fresheners

Unlike a lot of products on the market, the packaging give you the ability to "scratch and sniff" the fragrance before you purchase, so you know what to expect. The packet is also resalable so once you've finished using them, you pop them back in until you want to use them again. One size fits all, and they also last up to six weeks so it means you'll also get a lot of usage out of them.

Happi Feet Shoe Fresheners

Although at first glance it may look like Happi Feet are targeted at just shoes, you actually can also hang them in your car or wardrobe, so I'm really impressed that you can use them for multiple functions. You can find them at Tesco for just £2.60 (look out for them in the Shoe Care Fixture!), which is a bargain for what you get out of them.

Happi Feet Shoe Fresheners

What's your favourite Happi Feet style?



  1. These are cute! I like the idea of the scratch and sniff : )

    1. Definitely, it gives you a clear idea of what you will get :) The scratch and sniff on the packaging was exactly the same fragrance as the actual Happi Feet which is good!

  2. Replies
    1. They are aren't they! I love the converse style :)


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