Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Blogger Firsts Beauty Edition Tag

This is a brand new tag created by Jess, which I can't wait to get stuck into! I was tagged by the lovely Siobhan over at The Beauty Baker, so go ahead and check out how they answered! The image below is taken from Jessie's original post, and it fits quite well (and I haven't got the time to make my own at the moment!).

So here goes!

The first brand you found out about due to blogging?
I think the first brand I found through blogging would be Sleek? I'd never heard of it before, as it wasn't sold where I live either!

The first YouTube tutorial you watched and attempted?
I don't remember the YouTuber exactly, but it probably would have been something really simple like an eyeliner/mascara tutorial! When I first started wearing makeup I only started with the basics (just lip gloss to secondary school) and I slowly tried things bit by bit. I would have never been brave enough to attempt to do winged eyeliner etc. back then!

The first high end item you bought?
That would be a liquid foundation by Clinique! I remember having trouble trying to find a foundation that matched my skin colour because I'm so pale, so one day my mum took me to the Clinique counter and found a product that suited me really well! I have since continued buying it, and still have a bottle lying around somewhere.

The first product you regret buying?
My first proper "bad" review happened to be a Lip Balm Tint by Elf, and it was just horrible to be honest. I bought it in the sale so at least I didn't pay full price for it, but I was still very disappointed.

The first product you repurchased?
That would have to be Strawberry Lip Balm from The Body Shop, it's just so good I've been repurchasing it for many, many years now, and always carry one in my bag.

The first product you reviewed on your blog?
Barry M Nail Paint in Red Glitter was the first product I reviewed on Curiouser and Curiouser, but it's really cringey to look back on my old posts. I'm very critical of my posts, and I dislike that I never bothered to tidy up my nails back then, so the pictures look pretty scruffy!

The first product you bought due to a blogger review?
Even though it took me ages to get around to buying it, after all the hype of Baby Lips by Maybelline, I just had to get my hands on it! I purchased 'Hydrate' in the end.

Do you still use any of your first blogger make-up purchases?
I still use Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder every time I wear makeup; I rely on it so much to set my makeup and give that perfect finish I strive for.

I tag Kammi, Caitlin, Charley and Jess to do this tag!



  1. Stay Matte is an amazing powder! It will always be in my makeup collection too :) xx

    D Is For...

    1. It's great isn't it! It's something I will always keep in my makeup bag :)

  2. I love Sleek makeup. I first heard of it through bloggers too!

    1. I'm glad I started blogging, it made me realise how many brands are out there! :)

  3. Great post, love reading these sort of tags- its great to see how becoming a blogger affects our choices in make up and other things, I feel like I am taking a friends advise when I buy something after reading a bloggers review :) xx
    Zoe xx

    1. Thank-you, and I agree it definitely influences what I do and don't buy from reading blog reviews!


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