Thursday, 30 January 2014

Valentine's Day Gift Guide #2 - Lush

It's hard to go wrong with Lush gifts for that special someone, or even if you just want to give a little present to a close friend (or even treat yourself!). I haven't yet found someone that doesn't like Lush. So I popped into the store yesterday to take a peek at the Valentine's Day range, and was blown away by the displays, just take a look as the images speak for themselves;

Lush Soap Heart Neon

The neon love heart soap is the main centrepiece in the store, and it definitely deserves it. A huge pink soap heart (uncut) takes up most of the tables, with smaller blocks that you can buy lay in front and around it. Each soap piece has the heart pattern inside which look gorgeous. If Lush is on your list of Valentine's Day gifts to buy, make this a priority!

I've heard lots of great reviews about the prince charming shower gel, "Prince Charming will sweep you off your feet and carry you off into the sunset, leaving your skin silky soft and smelling lovely – the fragrance is made using a beautiful blend of grapefruit, sandalwood and geranium oils." I'm still hoping it will turn me into a princess overnight.

I am completely lusting after the love heart locket, it's huge and looks amazing, wouldn't you agree? My boyfriend is probably sick of how much I go on about wanting it, now if only I actually had a bath here at university!

It is supposed to look a little something like this once unleashed in the bath water, just look how gorgeous it is!

Last but by no means least, the close to you massage bar, with hearts carved into it with an interesting white middle (inspired by the Jammie Dodger biscuit).

There are a few more little treats from Lush's Valentine's Day range such as knots wraps (here and here), 'tender is the night massage' bar, and 'the kiss' lip gloss. Even if you struggle to find something from this range, there are other gifts that already exist in the store that may suit, such as;

'The comforter' bubble bar, designed with pretty swirls, bound to make a girl swoon. "A bathtime blend of fruity essential oils to wrap you up in a big comforting hug."

Who says you can't be a little cheeky with Valentine's Day gifts? "Sex Bomb is a sensual bath ballistic to improve your mood - or put you in the right one." *wink wink*


I know this has been a long post so kudos to you if you are reading this now; however there is just one last thing I'd like to mention. You may have seen it on the window of the store upon entering, and that is the pink triangle. What is it you ask?

"In June of 2013, Russian president Vladimir Putin signed a bill that banned ‘propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations to minors'. This means that in Russia, if you belong to the LGBTQ community, it is illegal to 'propagate' your sexual orientation as it is deemed a violation of Russian law and 'traditional' sexual relations. There is no legal definition of the term ‘propaganda’ and the ambiguity associated with the term only serves to increase cultural anxieties so that many people who agree with Putin’s ban have taken the law into their own hands, subjecting LGBTQ communities to violence and crime.

This law is archaic, unjust and only serves to reinforce prejudices against gay people, creating a culture of hostility against LGBTQ communities in Russia. It is a violation of basic human rights and people found to be 'propagating' homosexuality are subjected to fines, imprisonment and possible deportation.
This February, the Olympic Games are to be hosted in Sochi; athletes, supporters and many more people from around the world will be travelling to Russia for this major event. Many of the athletes scheduled to compete are homosexual, and there is much concern about the anti-gay laws in Russia, as well as calls for the UK to boycott the Winter Olympics. The UK government, however, has decided that we will attend.
We believe in love for everyone, between everyone. As part of our Sign of Love campaign, Lush are creating photo petition books which we will send to Russian embassies worldwide on the 14th February – the international day of love. Show your solidarity by uploading a photo of yourself painted with a pink triangle, using pink lipstick, then share your #SignofLove via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram." - Lush

I believe in love for everyone, between everyone. Help support LBGTQ groups in Russia.




  1. I love Lush products, especially when they bring things out at certain times of the year. I wish I had a Lush near me!


    1. Likewise! :) I missed out o the Christmas range however I'm making sure I get my hands on some of these. That sucks you don't have one near by!

  2. I love Lush, these all look amazing - I love the look of the Love Heart Locket, I want a bath full of pink hearts!! Haha.
    Love the pink triangle campaign, I'll definitely be uploading a photo for it. Thanks for letting us know :)

    Jess xo

    1. It looks awesome! And I'm glad you're taking part :)

  3. I love Lush! Off to get Prince Charming tomorrow, might have to get the soap too now after your pics! xxx

    1. Ooh lucky! :) Wish I could afford all of these!

  4. I really wanted the love locket but when I went to get it and saw it was nearly £7 I ran away! haha
    everything does look great though!

    1. It's a lot of pennies for a bath bomb, but it's gorgeous. Wish I had enough to buy everything in the range, I agree! :)

  5. I love the comforter. It really is comforting and so relaxing. I love lush products so much and am my supply is running a bit low. I feel a lush haul coming on soon :) I'm a new follower :D - would love for you to come visit at some point x

    1. I'm pretty new to Lush product you could say, although some products are quite pricey - the quality is fab! Thank-you! And I'll keep an eye out on your blog in case you do! :)

  6. That Valentines bath ballistic looks amazing but rather pricey! However, as a Lush convert I'm sure I'll end up being tempted! xx

    1. Likewise! I'm thinking about heading the Lush the day after Valentine's Day in hope it'll be cheaper :)


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