Monday, 25 November 2013

Review: Topshop Lipstick "Ohh La La"

Being so fair, and looking almost ghost like in Winter, it is hard to find a lipstick that really suits me and doesn't make me look ill. There is a lipstick I own from Topshop that I have always been a little undecided about. Ooh La La is a slightly neon peachy coral colour, surprisingly vibrant compared to what I had in mind. It gives medium coverage and a semi matte, soft finish.

However if your lips are dry, it will have a tendency to show lip imperfections. It isn't very long wearing - about a couple of hours, though it is good for a little flush of colour but not too bold. This lipstick only really suits me when just a little is applied, especially as I'm so pale. 

For now however, I'm still on the hunt for more of a coral colour.

Frankie x
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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Goodbye Dainty Doll, Hello No7!

That dreaded day arrived. The day when the last of my Dainty Doll foundation ran out, 'sniffle'. Just when you think you've found your perfect shade, then bam! They take it away from you. I spent a lot of time trying to find out where I could buy more online, but I hate to say it... Dainty Doll seems to have been discontinued. There are just the odd products left on eBay and Amazon now. I'm not sure why though, as nothing was officially announced, and I can't find any news online.

So off I went in search for something to replace my much beloved DD liquid foundation and concealer. Now, being a fair maiden means that finding a shade that suits you isn't as easy as you might think. I headed to Boots in hope I would find something (that wouldn't make me look orange!). In most Boots stores there is a service called 'No7 Foundation Match Made Service', which measures your skin's colour and matches to your perfect skin-true foundation.

The assistant asks you a few questions regarding what effect (shine, matt etc.), what skin type you are, and how much coverage you want from the foundation. A whole questionnaire just for your face! Although I wasn't the slightest bit surprised when the device chose the lightest colour foundation they had - Stay Perfect Liquid Foundation in shade 'Calico'. In my head I was laughing thinking I was too pale for this brand, however when the assistant applied it to my jawline, it was perfect! It looks exactly the same as the DD foundation, and did I mention No7 is on a 3 for 2? I bought two of the foundations and one concealer - Match Made Concealer (which is also uniquely matched to your skin tone using the No7 Match Made service), so I picked out the same shade as the foundation - 'Calico'.

If you have been using the Dainty Doll range like myself and have struggled to find a replacement, look no further! I think the reason why I stick with the same products is because I like what I like, as others may agree. Once you find a shade that suits you, why would you need to try any others? No one likes change, however I'm so glad I managed to find a replacement to my everyday makeup so fast. The finish is semi matte, and gives a medium coverage. One pump of the dispenser is just the right amount, and only time will tell if it is weather proof too!

Have you tried this foundation before?

Frankie x
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Sunday, 10 November 2013

University: How To Deal With Stress

Since being at University, I have already been given various assignments, had freshers flu for three weeks, been made course rep, had two jobs, whilst trying to balance a social life in between. And this is all in just six weeks too!

I have had a stressful couple of weeks trying to coordinate the course rep meetings around lectures, and fitting in assignments around my jobs. After trying out a few methods, I am now back on track again. How did I manage it?

Make time for yourself:
Regardless of how busy you might be, make sure you leave yourself some time to unwind and chill out. Take a relaxing bath or read a chapter of that book you've been meaning to start, etc.

Identify and try to rule out the cause of the stress:
For me, the stress came from the fact I had two jobs, and course rep meetings that clashed with lectures. I solved this by quitting the second job, and I've actually resigned from course rep now. It was good while it lasted, though it just wasn't worth the stress I was putting on myself.

Ask for help:
If things do get bad, don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help. Friends, family or staff are just a few of the various individuals you can talk to, to stop the stress from turning into anything more.

You are not alone, and there are so many people out there that want the best for you. If you want to talk to me further regarding this post, feel free to contact me via twitter or email.

Frankie x
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Friday, 8 November 2013

Pink To Blonde: Removing Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

If you haven't already read my last post, you would know that I dressed up as Alice in Wonderland for Halloween. I had wanted my naturally bright blonde hair back for the event, though my hair, which had been dyed pink a month beforehand is really stubborn. Regardless of how much I washed and scrubbed it with hot water and shampoo, the pink refused to come out. I'm missing my natural blonde hair and really would love to have it back.

The first thing to do when fading/removing semi permanent dye is to keep washing it, as I mentioned above. If this fails, which it has, I've heard about a few nifty tricks to try.

The first is to wash your hair with washing up liquid. Sounds mad I know, I thought this at first too. Creating a mixture with half washing up liquid, half shampoo (head and shoulders preferably as it removes dye quicker) should work. Crushing a vitamin C tablet into the mixture would benefit, as putting washing up liquid on your hair is very harsh.

I tried this and low and behold, it did actually fade the pink out a little. In other places however, it was still as pink as it was before. My next move was taking a trip to Boots to buy a product called Colour B4. This doesn't use bleach or ammonia, and so I started off with the regular strength one.

After following the instructions precisely, it had only faded it slightly more, but it hasn't stripped all the colour out as it had advertised! I went back to the store to get some more, this time with the extra strength, and then once more when that attempt failed too. Since you can only use this product three times on your hair, I had to stop after the third attempt.

I am now left with half naturally blonde hair, but random light pink streaks poking out. Not exactly what I wanted, but at least it's manageable. Hopefully it will fade with time. 

Have you got any tips for fading semi-permanent hair colour?

Frankie x
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Thursday, 7 November 2013

October Star Buy

I know this post is a little late, as it's not even October anymore (getting closer to Christmas now!), but I just had to rave about what I found. I was initially shopping for a geek and nerd's night out, and ended up browsing at Topshop. I saw this beautiful red tartan bodycon dress, with a sweetheart neckline and zip front, perfect for the Autumn season.
I didn't actually buy it at the time, but as soon as I remembered Topshop do student discount, I legged it back to the store! This dress isn't too long on me which is perfect - (I'm 5'2") and even though the zip goes right the way down the front, it isn't easy for someone just to grab hold of it and undo which is good. Since this is one of the more costly piece of clothing I have bought since being at University (as I am on a budget), I am very happy with my purchase. It is good value for money, and is very sexy/pretty when worn.

Frankie x
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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Halloween Away From Home

So we've just past October, and it's already November! The time is just flying by, and I hope you have all had a lovely time for both Halloween and Bonfire Night. For me and my flatmates, we decorated the flat head to toe (admittedly the decorations are still up!), but this is ordinary to me as I've done Halloween ever since I was little:

Yupp that's me. My first Halloween aged 1, dressed in a pumpkin costume! Although I don't look impressed, I soon warmed up, and have celebrated Halloween every year since. This year I dressed up as Alice in Wonderland, so I guess some things never change.

This year, even though on a tight budget, it was still just as fun! We had music, lights, decorations, (vegetarian) vodka jelly and even did a little 'trick or treating around the other apartments. Here are a few Instagram photos from the night:

Happy Belated Halloween!

Frankie x

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