Monday, 19 August 2013

Makeup Routine For Work

Since my plans for work today didn't go exactly how I wanted, I have time to chill out and write another post. Here is a picture of the final result, using basic makeup to achieve a natural appearance;

*my fringe covers practically half my face so it's easier for me to push it aside to show you*

You want to have a "fresh" look for work, so don't go overboard with makeup as sometimes you don't even want to show you're are wearing any at all. You don't want to spend your whole shift fretting about what you look like, or if you're makeup has smudged or not. If you're always running around at work like I am, it's best to keep it light. It's also handy to put a hair bobble around your wrist and pop a few hair grips in your pocket, just in case you need to put your hair up in times of need.

If you feel you must apply eye shadow, stick with neutral colours such as browns etc. Blush is optional, likewise with lipstick and it's down to personal choice what shade you choose. If you are keeping most of your face neutral you could go for a brighter colour other than a nude lipstick. Personally I stick to lipbalms myself, as when you're talking a lot to customers at work your lips can get quite dry. My favourite that I have been using for many years is The Body Shop Strawberry Lip Balm.

Today I didn't bother with eyeliner on my top lid as I was rushing, but my favourite eyeliner comes as a pen. I use Collection 2000 Extreme Liner and it looks and is used exactly like a felt tip, meaning it is so easy to apply with one swoop.

My usual basic makeup routine for work: *All Links For Products Posted At The Bottom*

Step 1:
Glide primer all over face to create a smooth base for makeup.
Step 2:
Apply foundation evenly, preferably using a foundation brush.
Step 3:
Apply concealer to problem areas.
Step 4:
I then use pressed powder to set these. (I do this now rather than at the end because in the past I would get mascara on my foundation brush)
Step 5:
Use brown or black mascara just to open up the eyes.
Step 6:
Pencil eyeliner can be worn in either brown or black, and used on the waterline or top lid!


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