Monday, 19 August 2013

Clothes/Accessories Haul

I went on a small shopping trip for what seemed like the first time in aaages, and stumbled upon a few items that stood out to me! I've always been super picky with clothes and I am a pain to go shopping with as I never know what suits me. So here are a few items that I picked out, and now just need to sort out how I'm going to style them!

I was thinking about the kind of clothes I owned and realised I had hardly anything that fell into the smart casual category. I saw this cute floral shirt while I was working and knew I just had to get one for myself! It's perfect if you're going somewhere and you need to dress a little smarter.
Next on my list of "must buys" was a skater skirt. I picked up this gorgeous denim looking skirt from New Look, and what really sold me was that it didn't have an elasticated waist! (I find they can make other areas stick out more) Instead this has a simple button and zip at the back which is perfect for me.

This is a cute women's racer back vest, that caught my eye in a charity shop. I need to go over some of the stitching at the top, but apart from that it's in perfect condition. It's just something easy I can throw on with a pair of jeans if I need pop for out to the corner shop in the village etc.

I've only recently started liking pan collars, and with my picky sense of fashion I had to scour over eBay for a while before I found this dress! It looks lovely paired with some smart black heels.

Back to Matalan again where I decided to pick up another skater skirt, however this time in grey. It's really lightweight and although this one does have an elasticated waist, it looks good on. Perfect for day OR night!

It's that time of year when no one is really sure what to wear...and this sweatshirt is perfect for those times when the weather is confusing and changes throughout the day! It's not too thick, and is really lightweight and airy, meaning no overheating or getting chilly! The polka dots are just so cute too!

These heels were an absolute steal for the price! (RRP £18!) So when they first came into the store I didn't buy them straight away, even when they went to half price I was still uncertain to purchase. It wasn't until I was shopping with my brother that I found these hidden on the men's section, the very last pair in the store! Definitely my lucky day. I would provide a link however these were in the sale and are all sold out online, however try visiting your local store and check under fixtures to see if they have been hidden! Even though these heels look a little high, they're actually really easy and comfortable to wear as it has a wedge.

Another amazing bargain! (RRP £10) These shoes are super comfy and add a little extra height, definitely not complaining though as I'm only 5"2! These shoes were also in the sale so are not available online anymore, but be sure to check out your local Matalan store!

To treat myself for my results, I fell in love and bought this beautiful sparkly star necklace. It's adjustable so can set where I want it to sit (which is what I always look for when buying a necklace!). I also wore this out into town to celebrate my best friend's birthday, and received many compliments.

I was on the hunt to find a silver cross body bag, and you'd be surprised how hard it is! My mum actually found this in the sale at Boundary Mill for me, and I'm so glad she did so kudos to her! RRP £49 this handy little bag can fit in all my essentials I need for a night out! The clasp is easy to use so no fumbling necessary!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my shopping haul, and feel free to comment what you think I should pair these items with! Do you like to go shopping every now and then for clothes, or save up and have one massive shopping spree?

Hope you've had a lovely weekend!
Frankie x
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  1. I think we have really similar style - I'd wear all that stuff. I love the peter pan collar dress, and the skirts especially. Thanks so much for following me here and on twitter, I'm following back :)

    Hope you're having an awesome Monday xx

  2. You are definitely a bargain queen!

    Leesa -

  3. Great haul!
    I love both skater skirts that you got :)



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